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From our Bingo Chairman


Bingo is a major source of our income. Without the income from our bingos we could not pay the bills to keep our KC hall open. We depend on our members to help with our bingos. All members are assigned to a bingo group. If you do not know what bingo group you are on please call me. Please—when its your bingo groups turn to work—please show up to work. There are 3 bingo groups who have no leader. A leader is one who makes calls for that group to remind the workers its their turn to work. Please consider being a leader of a bingo group. Your turn will only be every 8 weeks. Due to old age, sickness and death we are in need of 2 bingo callers. No experience necessary. We will train you. Again—please consider being a bingo caller (these are the persons who call the number on the balls for bingo). At our bingos we start selling pull tabs at 5 PM. The bingos start at 6:30 PM. Thanks to all of you members who show up to work at the bingo’s—we appreciate it. To you members who do not help at bingo’s—Why not??

Joe Wayne Spalding, Bingo Chairman 573-264-4863,  cell# 573-270-1305

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  • Michael Skaggs says:

    Please let me know what the progressive jackpots are up to and how many numbers that the progressive is up to. Please send me this information via e-mail or please start posting this information on your website. Thank you very much.

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