Jack Baker

Council Newsletter – May/June 2019


A big thanks to all who helped in any way at our Lenten fish fries.  It took a lot of work from some very dedicated people.  I won’t mention any names because I might leave some out.  But some people were there working every Friday night.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!   Election of officers takes place this month.  Thanks to those who are willing to serve.  Also, just a reminder that the Kelso Klassic is coming in June.  This would be a good time to volunteer and get involved.  Contact Brian Ziegler (573-450-4902) to sign up.  Don’t forget the Catholic Man’s Night on May 8th.  It will be a time for deepening your faith.

Pat O’Brien, Grand Knight          573-545-3015

Columbus Club Notes

Bill LeGrand is President of the Columbus Club.  House committee members are Tom Anderson, John Jansen, and Steve Seyer.  Bar committee members are Bill LeGrand and Brian Ziegler.  Grounds committee members are Mike Miller and Bill LeGrand.  Kitchen committee members are Tom Anderson and Steve Seyer.  Rental committee members are John Jansen and Floyd Smith. 

Members who have been in the Knights for one year and have attained 3rd Degree membership are eligible to join the 4th Degree Knights.   Become a 4th Degree Knight.
For more information please contact Glen Backfisch at 573-579-2155

Knight of the Month                                                Family of the Month

March:   Harold Cobb                                  March:  Leonard & Carol Raines April:     Mick Gosche                                   April:   Bob & Almeretta Schaefer


Election of Officers
At our meeting on May 1st, we will elect officers.  Say “yes” when someone asks you if you will serve as an officer in our Knights of Columbus Council.  Volunteer to serve as an officer if you want to be one.  Just say “yes”.

Catholic Man’s Night
Catholic Man’s Night will be held on May 8th.  It will begin at 6:30 at St. Augustine with Adoration, Benediction and Confession.  At 7:30, a meal will be served at the KC Hall with discussion to follow.  To sign up call Brian Ziegler @ 573-450-4902.

Kelso Klassic
This year’s Kelso Klassic will be held June 7-9.  We need help.  If you are willing to help and for more information please contact Brian Ziegler @ 573-450-4902,

May/June Meeting Nights
All meetings in lower hall

Columbus Club Meetings
May 1 at 6 PM
June 5 at 6 PM

KC Council Meetings
May 1 and 15 at 7:00 PM
June 5 and 19 at 7:00 PM

2017-2018 Officers of St. Joseph Council #6420
Grand Knight                     Pat O’Brien
Deputy Grand Knight       Vacant
Chancellor                         Vacant
Recorder                            Glen Backfisch
Treasurer                            David Glastetter
Advocate                            Paul Boyd
Warden                              Butch Bader
Inside Guard                      Bob Bell
Outside Guard                    Tom Anderson
Trustee (3 Year)                 Gary Ziegler
Trustee (2 Year)                 Bob Vetter
Trustee (1 Year)                 Bill LeGrand
Financial Secretary            Joe Wayne Spalding
Lecturer                             Randal Friend   
Chaplain                             Father Michael Casteel  

May 1 – Coumbus Club Meeting 6 PM – Lower Hall
May 1 – KC Council Meeting 7 pm – Lower Hall
May 2 – Bingo Group 5 – Roxie Ziegler
May 4 – Dice Run
May 7 – Euchre – 7 PM – Lower Hall
May 8 – 4th Degree Meeting 7 PM
May 8 – Catholic Man’s Night 6:30
May9 – Bingo Group 6 – Clark Messmer
May 14 – Seniors 1 PM – Lower Hall
May 14 – Euchre 7 PM – Lower Hall
May 15 – KC Council Meeting – 7 PM
May 16 – Bingo Group 7 – Group Leader Needed
May 21 – Euchre 7 PM – Lower Hall
May 23 – Bingo Group 8 – Bob Stull
May 28 – Euchre 7 PM – Lower Hall
May 30 – Bingo Group 1 – Butch Bader

June 4 – Euchre 7 PM – Lower Hall
June 5 – Columbus Club Meeting 6 PM – Lower Hall
June 5 – KC Council Meeting 7 PM – Lower Hall
June 6 – Bingo Group 2 – Mike Miller
June 11 – Seniors 1 PM – Lower Hall
June 11 – Euchre 7 PM – Lower Hall
June 12 – 4th Degree Meeting 7 PM
June 13 – Bingo Group 3 – Group Leader Needed
June 18 – Euchre 7 PM – Lower Hall
June 19 – KC Council Meeting 7 PM – Lower Hall
June 20 – Bingo Group 4 – Bob
June 25 – Euchre 7 PM – Lower Hall
June 27 – Bingo Group 5 – Roxie Ziegler

To rent the KC hall or for hall rental questions please contact Roxie Ziegler at 573-264-2884
“We remain committed to our founding vision of protecting the financial future of Catholic families,” said Carl Anderson, Knights of Columbus CEO. “We offer top-quality financial protection provided by professionals who are brother Knights, who share our values and who act on them.

For more information about how the Knights of Columbus Insurance program can help you and your family please contact me, Darrell Vandeven.
            Darrel Vandeven, Field Agent, FICF
             1177 Co. Rd. 394, Whitewater, MO 63785
                        Phone/Fax 573-794-2107. Toll Free 888-473-4152…Cell 573-270-2454
                     darrel.vandeven@kofc.org v
















                   KC Council Meetings

May 1 and 15 at 7:00 PM

June 5 and 19 at 7:00 PM

Come—Join us at the meetings

and take an active part in your Council