Jack Baker

Council Newsletter Nov-Dec 2019


            Happy New Year!!  I wish you and your family the very best in 2020!  Thanks to the KC members and the Ladies Auxiliary members who decorated the KC Hall for Christmas.  It looked great!  We had a great turnout for our Christmas Party and a good time was had by all!  Thanks to everyone who helped make it a success.  We will be hosting the first ever cornhole state tournament and the Valentine’s Dance will be held on February 15.  Our Lenten Fish Fries will begin February 28.  Please consider volunteering your time and help at these events.  Much help is needed to make them a success!  Together we can make it happen.

Pat O’Brien, Grand Knight          573-545-3015

Columbus Club Notes
The Columbus Club met and elected new officers.  Tom Anderson is the
new President and John Jansen is the new Vice-President.  Steve Seyer is
the secretary and Floyd Smith is the Treasurer. 
House committee members are Tom Anderson, John Jansen and Steve
Seyer.  Grounds committee members are Mike Miller and John Jansen. 
Kitchen Committee members are Tom Anderson and Steve
Seyer.  Rental Committee members are Floyd Smith and Bob Bell. 
Bar Committee members are Bob Bell and Brian Ziegler. 
The Columbus Club purchased a new fish fryer and grease filter
machine.  The storage addition is complete. The heat exchangers have
been replaced.

Knight of the Month                                      Family of the Month

November:   Mick Gosche                               November:  Bob & Marie Vetter

December:   Brian Ziegler                              December:  Ed & Nikki Landewee

Attendance Prize:  11/6 meeting – $120 – Mike Welter – absent.                                11/20 meeting – $130 – Randal Friend won.                                12/4 meeting – $50 – Paul Burger – absent.

Pancake Sausage Breakfast:  We will have a KC Council breakfast on
January 19.  Volunteers are needed to work. 
Call Brian Ziegler at 573-450-4902 if you can help out.

KC State Cornhole Tournament:  We are hosting the first ever state
cornhole tournament.  This will be held on February 7-9. 
We will need many members to step up and help. 
Contact Brian Ziegler at 573-450-4902 for information.

Valentine’s Dance:  The Valentine’s Dance will be held on February 15,
2020.  This is a major fundraiser for our council.  We need your help. 
We are asking members to donate gifts for this event. 
Tickets will be available after the first of the year. If you would like to
help in any way, please let us know.
For further information please contact Mike Miller at 573-450-2303.

Religious Appreciation Dinner:  The Religious Appreciation Dinner will be held on February 16 with Happy Hour from 5:30 – 6:00 and
dinner at 6:00.

Fish Fries:  Our first Fish Fry is on February 28. 

Protecting God’s Children:  If you have completed this training (virtus), please let Marcus Schaefer know at 573-270-3825.

All meetings in lower hall  
Columbus Club Meetings January 15 at 6 PM
                    February 5 & 19 at 6 PM                    KC Council Meetings January 15 at 7:00 PM
February 5 & 19 at 7:00 PM  
Come—Join us at the meetings and take an active part in
your Council

2019-2020 Officers of St. Joseph Council #6420              
Grand Knight                     Pat O’Brien              
Deputy Grand Knight        Jack Baker              
Chancellor                         Vacant              
Recorder                            Glen Backfisch              
Treasurer                             David Glastetter              
Advocate                            Paul Boyd              
Warden                              Butch Bader              
Inside Guard                      Bob Bell              
Outside Guard                    Tom Anderson              
Trustee (3 Year)                 Tony Welter              
Trustee (2 Year)                 Gary Ziegler              
Trustee (1 Year)                 Bob Vetter              
Financial Secretary            Joe Wayne Spalding              
Lecturer                             Randal Friend              
Chaplain                             Father Michael Casteel                           

To rent the KC hall or for hall rental questions please contact
Roxie Ziegler at 573-264-2884

Our new Knights of Columbus Insurance Agent is Brent Schreiner.  He can be contacted by phone or email.  Phone: 573-238-9919.  Email address is brent.schreiner@KofC.org
“We remain committed to our founding vision of protecting the financial future of Catholic families,” said Carl Anderson, Knights of Columbus CEO. “We offer top-quality financial protection provided by professionals who are brother Knights, who share our values and who act on them.
Members who have been in the Knights for one year and have attained 3rd Degree membership are eligible to join the 4th Degree Knights.   Become a 4th Degree Knight.   
For more information please contact Glen Backfisch at 573-579-2155