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Since the founding of the Knights of Columbus the Knights have promoted and supported vocations. This year our council has “Adopted” 3 seminarians. Here they are:


  1. Daniel Belken 2. Rylee Hartwell 3. Nicholas Newton

   Theology 2                                          College 3                                            Theology 2

   Kenrick-Glennon Seminary             Kenrick-Glennon Seminary          St. Meinard Seminary

   5200 Glennon Dr.                              5200 Glennon Dr.                           200 Hill DR.

   St. Louis, Mo 63119                          St. Louis, Mo 63119                       St. Meinard, IN. 47577

Parish: St. Mary Cape Girardeau      St. Peter The Apostle, Joplin         Elizabeth Ann Seton, Springfield           

Birthday: August 25                            December 19                                   May 22



You are asked to pray for and support these seminarians throughout their years of seminary studies. This may include but not limited to:● Praying for him to successfully complete his studies ● Sending him cards throughout the year to let him know that you are thinking of him (Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Summer Break etc) ● consider making a donation to the seminary at which he is studying ●

            These are just a small sampling of ideas on ways you can show him that we as Knights support vocations, and the future of our Church, by supporting him.                  

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