Brian Ziegler

SEMO Horseshoe Schedule

     SEMO Horseshoe Association Schedule

              September & Octobert 2016  

(All times are 1 PM unless noted)


September 2–September 5 (Fri./Mon.)

Missouri State Tournament @ Jefferson City

September 3 (Saturday) ——Benton Neighbor Day                    @ Benton City Park

September 10 (Saturday)———Backyard Club

September 11 (Sunday)———–Leopold K.C.

September 17 (Saturday)———Bell City Picnic

@ the park

September 18 (Sunday)———–Backyard Club

September 24 (Saturday)———Oran J.C.

September 25 (Sunday)———–Jackson K.C.

October 2 (Sunday)–Tournament of Champions

@Jackson K.C. (Must have won at least            one award and played in 5 tournaments

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