Margie Stull

Message from a past Grand Knight


My Brother Knights

For years I interviewed over one hundred men wanting to join our Knights of Columbus Council.

My first question was “Are you a practicing Catholic?”. You answered, “Yes”.

My question for you today is: Are you attending Mass now? If not, how sad.

I also mentioned our programs to maintain our properties, and donations to our schools and to St. Jude. This money comes from our Fish Fries, but now they are on the verge of ending due to lack of help. Over the years we have given over $150,000 to our schools. Seventy-Five percent of this money comes from strangers. If this ends, then what?

Some of our Bingo workers come in on canes, another works Bingo from a walker. A lot of our faithful workers for Fish Fries and Bingo are in their mid eighties.

One member worked hall rentals for over 20 years. We need help with the hall rentals.

When I asked if you could help with some of our programs you said “No Problem”.

What happened to our commitments? We really need all of you to step up and help.


Thank you for your consideration.

Peck Robert, Past Grand Knight

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