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Message from the Grand Knight

Message from the Grand Knight                

As I sit at my desk to preparing this newsletter it is the middle of January and it is cold and wet outside. So I’m thinking several months ahead to February and March. To Spring.

On February 2nd  the ole ground hog sticks his head out and tells us  if the spring season will arrive early, or if  winter weather will persist for six more weeks (wonder who thought that one up).

February 2nd  is also the feast of the presentation of Jesus at the Temple (also known as Candlemas day).

February 14th brings us Valentine’s Day. That’s the day we’re supposed to be nice to our sweetie. Of course we’re suppose to be nice to our sweetie (and everyone) all the time.

Then comes March. March 1st is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Lent is a time of self-examination and reflection and a time for us to focus on our relationship with God.

Our fish fries begin March 3rd. We will have a fish fry every Friday in March and one on April 7th. We need the help of ALL of you. Don’t wait to be called—just come and help.

Then on March 20—the day we’ve all been waiting for—Spring begins. We’ve all waiting, just waiting, to see the first robin, or the first bud, or the first hint of green. We know it’s coming, but it’s just out of reach. And so we wait. We wait and hope for spring because there is nothing we can do to hurry it along. The coming of spring is out of our control. We jokingly look to a groundhog to tell us if spring is on its way, but we know it’s really our Lord who brings each new season. He brings newness after the gray of winter. A new life. SPRING—A sign of new life, a new beginning.

With the coming of February and the Spring season of March let us begin a “New Life”, a “New Beginning”. Let us become more active in our Knights of Columbus Council. Let us become more active in our Catholic faith.


                                                      None of us can do everything–but we can all do something.


If you are an active member, Thank You— If you are not, Why Not?


                                        Vivat Jesus

Gary Ziegler, Grand Knight


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