Jack Baker

Council Newletter Sept-Oct 2019


          We are needing two people to serve on the Columbus Club.  If you would like to volunteer, please let me know.  We still need two Bingo Group Leaders.  We had a successful tractor parade with 56 tractors participating.  Thanks to Tony Welter and Elmer Kenkel for organizing this.  The religious educator’s appreciation dinner was well attended.  Special thanks to the Ziegler’s for the food and set up.

Pat O’Brien, Grand Knight          573-545-3015

Columbus Club Notes
The Columbus Club met and elected new officers.  Tom Anderson is the new President and John Jansen is the new Vice-President.  Steve Seyer is
the secretary and Floyd Smith is the Treasurer.  House committee
members are Tom Anderson, John Jansen and Steve Seyer.  Grounds
committee members are Mike Miller.  Kitchen Committee members are
Tom Anderson and Steve Seyer.  Rental Committee members are John
Jansen and Floyd Smith.

We will be making sausage on September 27th.  Please come help make the sausage.  We will be selling it for $3.00 a pound.  Sausage will be ready to pick up on September 28 from 10:00 am until 12:00 pm. 
Call Glen Backfisch (579-2155) to place your order.   
Members who have been in the Knights for one year and have attained 3rd Degree membership are eligible to join the 4th Degree Knights.   Become a 4th Degree Knight.
For more information please contact Glen Backfisch at 573-579-2155

Knight of the Month                                      Family of the Month

July:      Bob Vetter                                          July:  Brian & Kim Ziegler

August:  Tony Welter                                       August:   Dennis & Becky Essner


Attendance Prize:  July meeting – $50 – Rick Schlosser was absent.

                               August 7 meeting – $60 – Bryan Burger was absent.

                               August 21 meeting – $70 – Shane Menz was absent.

SEMO Fair Booth:  We are responsible for manning the Catholic Education Booth in the Arena Building on September 9 during the fair.  Please consider volunteering.  Call Gary Ziegler (576-6451) to volunteer.

4th Degree Sausage Making:  Making sausage on September 27.  Selling for $3 a pound.  Please come help make the sausage.  Call Glen Backfisch to order.  Sausage will be available for pick up on September 28 from 10 am until 12 pm.

Tootsie Roll Drive:  The drive will be held October 4-6.  If there are any questions, please call Butch Bader (545-3289).

Columbus Day Banquet:  The banquet will be held on October 6 in the lower hall. This event honors our members as they reach milestones in their membership.  There will be a delicious meal and everyone is encouraged to attend.  Bring your wife and children.

Spaghetti Dinner:  We will be holding a spaghetti dinner on November 30 in the lower hall.

Valentine’s Dance:  The date has been set for the Valentine’s dance.  It will be held on February 15.

September/October Meeting Nights

All meetings in lower hall

Columbus Club Meetings

     September 4 at 6 PM      

October 2 at 6 PM

KC Council Meetings

September 4 and 18 at 7:00 PM

October 2 and 16 at 7:00 PM

Come—Join us at the meetings and take an active part in your Council

  2017-2018 Officers of St. Joseph Council #6420      
Grand Knight                     Pat O’Brien              
Deputy Grand Knight        Jack Baker              
Chancellor                         Vacant              
Recorder                            Glen Backfisch              
Treasurer                            David Glastetter              
Advocate                            Paul Boyd              
Warden                              Butch Bader              
Inside Guard                      Bob Bell              
Outside Guard                    Tom Anderson              
Trustee (3 Year)                 Tony Welter              
Trustee (2 Year)                 Gary Ziegler              
Trustee (1 Year)                 Bob Vetter              
Financial Secretary            Joe Wayne Spalding              
Lecturer                             Randal Friend              
Chaplain                             Father Michael Casteel                           

Sept 3 – Euchre Lower Hall 7PM – Lower Hall
Sept 4 – Columbus Club Mtg – 6 PM – Lower Hall
Sept 4 – KC Council Mtg – 7 PM – Lower Haoo
Sept 5 – Bingo Group 5 – Clark Messmer
Sept 10 – Seniors 1PM – Lower Hall
Sept 10 – Euchre – 7 PM – Lower Hall
Sept 11 – 4th Degree Meeting 7 PM
Sept 12 – Bingo Group 7 – Group Leader Needed
Sept 17 – Euchre 7 PM – Lower Hall
Sept 18 – KC Council Meeting – 7 PM – Lower Hall
Sept 19 – Bingo Group 8 – Bob Stull
Sept 24 – Euchre 7 PM – Lower Hall
Sept 26 – Bingo Group 1 – Butch Bader                    
October 1 – Euchre 7 PM – Lower Hall
Oct 2 – Columbus Club Mtg – 6 PM – Lower Hall
Oct 2 – KC Council Mtg – 7 PM – Lower Hall
Oct 3 – Bingo Group 2 – Mike Miller
Oct 6 – Columbus Day Banquet
Oct 8 – Seniors 1 PM – Lower Hall
Oct 8 – Euchre 7 PM – Lower Hall
Oct 9 – 4th Degree Mtg – 7 PM
Oct 10 – Bingo Group 3 – Group Leader Needed
Oct 15 – Euchre 7 PM – Lower Hall
Oct 16 – KC Council Meeting 7 PM – Lower Hall
Oct 17 – Bingo Group 4 – Bob Schaefer
Oct 22 – Euchre 7 PM – Lower Hall
Oct 24 – Bingo Group 5 – Roxie Ziegler
Oct 29 – Euchre 7 PM – Lower Hall
Oct 31 – Bingo Group 6 – Clark Messmer  

“We remain committed to our founding vision of protecting the financial future of Catholic families,” said Carl Anderson, Knights of Columbus CEO. “We offer top-quality financial protection provided by professionals who are brother Knights, who share our values and who act on them.”