Margie Stull

Special Meeting

Very Important—Please read the following information


Our Knights of Columbus Council has 487 members. For our meetings it takes 12 members to have a quorum (enough members present to conduct business at a meeting) We haven’t had enough member present at our meetings to conduct business since April . Only 6 to 7 members have shown up at the last two meetings (out of 487). Brother Knights—as the above asks: Which Are You? Are you an active member, the kind that would be missed or are you content that your name is on the list???


SPECIAL MEETING. We are having a SPECIAL MEETING Wednesday July 5 at 7 PM in the Lower Hall.         We ask             you to please attend the meeting. During this meeting we will discuss:

  1. By-Laws: Changing the By-Laws of the Council, Changing the meeting times and dates.
  2. Charitable Distribution Agreement: What happens if the Columbus Club sells the (KC hall) building and property.
  3. Terms of Use Agreement. Rules, Regulations and Guidelines for the KC using the building and property where KC now meets and has other functions.
  4. Distribution of Funds: What happens if our Knights of Columbus Council “folds” or is dissolved or no longer exists.

Please put this date in your cell phone, on your calendar, laptop on  note pad or whatever and make plans to attend this meeting.

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